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Author: Prospectacy Business Services Team

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Investing in Cyprus: How to get a Cypriot passport

Cyprus is beautiful; it is a safe and developing country, and ideal place to live and invest. Making an investment in Cyprus is an appealing option for many investors who are seeking safe and long-term returns. Cyprus is considered the right place for business and investment purposes with its numerous investment opportunities. The country a favourite place for Cyprus citizenship by investment and settling down and is rapidly stabling its settings with international investors. Cyprus is in the centre of three continents and consequently is a very attractive destination for business and investment. Cyprus attracts millions of tourists every year. The investment benefits of Cyprus are plenty: no physical residence requirements, no language requirements, fast-track procedure and approval of citizenship within a couple of months.

Cyprus boasts a rich and varied culture; it is a safe and stable place not only for business and investment but also for settling and raising families. Being an ideal place to raise a family Cyprus also provides immigrants with an attractive destination of investment program. Located at the crossroads of three continents between East and West, the country’s immigration laws provide investors with a unique opportunity to invest in the Cyprus economy and gain citizenship permits. With its almost year-round sunshine, well-developed socio-economic infrastructure, stress-free lifestyle, and very low crime rate, Cyprus is the perfect place to enjoy life to the fullest. Cyprus is diverse, culturally rich and perfectly placed for working and traveling. As the economy in Cyprus is swiftly improving significant activities in the shipping, tourism, legal and financial services sectors, the rush in foreign investments and developments should be apparently well worth. Cyprus has a worldwide reputation as a place for international businesses. The flattering tax regime and the geographical position, combined with the highest quality of services are the key factors for its popularity. The business service sectors remain the fastest growing ones in the Cypriot economy, while its geographical position at the crossroads of three continents makes it an important ship management centre, lending to its merchant shipping industry. Besides all these significant factors, tourism also continues to make a significant contribution to the country’s economy.

At least, the question of getting Cyprus passport is not a complex procedure. As long as Cyprus is regarded a symbol of security and stability, in the result, the adoption of a very successful citizenship by investment is capable for those who decide to live, invest and set up their businesses in Cyprus. Accordingly, your family will live in a safe place. You will be able to travel, live and work anywhere in the countries of Europe. You can travel in many countries visa free. Hence, you are welcome to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the view of the Mediterranean. Like most of the democratic and modern countries, this country will provide you checks and balances to defend the rules of laws. Soon afterwards, you will get assured in the viewpoint that Cyprus is a safe environment for residence and investments.

Online gaming news in Malta

Malta is the most popular market of online gaming events and tournaments. Considerably, when the first online betting site was launched in Malta, all forms of gaming, including remote gaming operations have been created and online gambling started to grow and expand in a high speed. So far, Malta has become one of the fastest-growing business sectors of gambling. Consequently, Malta’s the most important and essential position in the gaming landscape has become the processing of Malta gaming license.

Malta has obtained its popularity attracting online gaming companies with its advantages. It was the first country to regulate online gambling. Malta was able to secure its position at the head of the industry, where it still remains today. The legislative structure was implemented when the industry was largely unregulated, setting an official standard for others to follow. Malta’s gaming regulations are well known to be strict and structured, to be on high levels of frankness, fairness and honesty. Malta gaming authority is processing to protect against crime and corruption, protecting even minors and susceptible players from the risks of gaming. Yet, betting events include sporting events, both real life and virtual, competitions, lotteries, performance of an index and a natural phenomenon.

Malta is still considered to be one of the most popular licensing regulations for online gambling in Europe. While the country is the host for huge gambling events, it is also the home of the most prestigious online gaming industry events. This has had a significant power to apply for the permission of multiple types of gaming. Malta licensing regulations are also noteworthy to offer a big support and protection to players themselves. Malta is supposed to be one of the safest licensing establishments in the world due to its strict standards for gambling sites and status.

Today, all forms of gaming in Malta are regulated. It maintains the rights to revoke licenses. Through these regulations all gaming activities are introduced; these are ranged from online casinos, casino-style games, betting exchanges and lotteries. It is Malta gaming license that can guarantee highly interested commercial and tax advantages offered in Malta gaming landscape, and ensure they are satisfied with an increase of under-regulated Maltese licensed sites. The system is effectively created: an advantageous and competitive regime on one hand and regulation and seriousness on the other. Through its established system the Malta licensing ensures that the regulations should offer protection to the players, hence, enhancing Malta’s reputation as an upright financial services authority. So, no matter what kind of online gaming service a company intends to offer, Malta is likely to have a license to make it official. By playing at a casino officially regulated by Malta, you can be assured that the fairness of the games is guaranteed. Malta gaming license provides a massive advantages, so, if you want your gaming business to be expanded, should you sign up for new partners and operators, and should your product and service be broaden in the proper ways of offering.

Malta Gambling Laws & Regulations

Malta laws and regulations are increasing world-wide and cost to obtain gaming licenses for better gambling environment and operations. Due to this, Malta gaming license is a valued operating asset to the condition of facilities for gambling provided in reliance. Here, there are a few things to be considered. First, it brings in a new, comprehensive system for gambling regulation; hence, the vast majority of commercial gambling is brought together into a single regulatory framework which is recognized to be potential impact and importance to the gambling. So, gambling regulations manage gambling outline particularly lined with special circumstances. Accordingly, the gaming license is a strong established element of decision-making and accountability in gambling regulations. These regulations are very broad discretion to manage gambling provision, the level of fees set and administrating system arrangement. They set out some boundaries reliable with the recognition of gambling as a mainstream leisure activity. The regulations work in the frame of licensing to regulate gambling structure and tend to be focused on significance. Thus, licensing takes the lead on regulating gambling, works directly on particular issues, and builds capacity and learning to be rolled out more widely.

Since, gambling is considered to be an entertaining outlet similar to other distractions and leisure services. Gambling may be exciting and socially engaging. Accordingly, gambling is stimulating due to the challenge of estimating inherent potential of having wins or losses. Therefore, the regulations aimed to permit gambling are reasonable consistency with the licensing objectives; on behalf of it, licensing establishment aims to work with local businesses to reduce the risk to the licensing objectives to acceptable levels. The objective of the structure is to draw on and share the intelligence and insights of its regulatory associates, better positioned to identify emerging risks to the licensing objectives in particular. So, the regulations aim to adopt a position of support and assistance for licensing authorities in carrying out their functions. In addition, licensing has the power to build better circumstances to understand and manage gambling issues overall.

Nevertheless, Malta gaming license exceptionally raises matters of wider significance. Its aim is to work with the relevant formulation, to facilitate co-operation, to establish advice on matters relating gambling regulation. It coordinates a series of activities to promote more effective gambling regulations, authorize up-to-date leadership and support on specific subjects. Gaming licensing is the system by which it is possible to moderate risks associated with particular premises.

Basically, the imposition of license conditions might be prompted by specific concerns. It provides the opportunity to agree and set out how gambling is to be managed in different parts of the local authority area to deal with local concerns and issues. It provides clarity of expectation for licensees and works in partnership with local businesses, communities, and responsible authorities to identify and take the edge off local risks to the licensing objectives. What’s more important, it ensures sufficient awareness and understanding of the relevant requirements and approach, including the views on risks.

Benefits of a Curacao Gambling License

Hitherto, Curacao has been one of the successfully leading gambling regulators and still is gaining as the most popular license provider with its steady approach and confirming regulations. There are a number of license holders that offer packages to the gambling market. They offer complete full package of solutions including hosting and other services that are often cheaper for new entrants than trying to do it all alone. Thus, Curacao gaming license is attractive for the simplicity of its gambling laws. Actually, the process for getting a license in Curacao is significantly easier than dealing with other licensing agencies.

In essence, Curacao is one of the oldest and politically stable gaming license providers and has become a famous and respectful jurisdiction for gaming operators during the last decades. Moreover, Curacao offers a very attractive environment for international online gaming operators; and other benefits depending on your individual circumstances such as tax residency and an experience will be able to provide you the best suggestion. Yet, one the main benefits of a Curacao gaming license is organizing all games without any restrictions. It is a relatively cheap jurisdiction and the licensing process is simple and fast. A Curacao gaming license is a decent option for new companies. One of the most attractive features, other than its beautiful location, is the low obstacle of entry and lack of market restrictions.  It’s noticeable; they have a low cost of entry and low tax rate. Of course, there are plenty of safe and respectable gambling sites licensed in Curacao. Here, the main advantage is to get low requirements easily and relatively low cost. Operators are well aware of Curacao licensing process simplicity and its high-valued standards which are more valuable indeed. Moreover, Curacao doesn’t interfere in disputes between players and operators.

On the whole, Curacao was one of the first jurisdictions to regulate online gambling. Since, Curacao license benefits are a lot more significant and they cover many gambling products. Curacao licensing is considered to be relatively simple and it is easy to be obtained. Besides being modern and fully accepted it has a low cost and no gambling tax. Its innovative infrastructure, the attractive tax system and the political stability make Curacao one of the most reliable among gaming license providers. Due to this, many gambling operators are still choosing Curacao because it’s relatively swift and has inexpensive licensing course of action. In addition, it provides vast technical support for the gambling industry on behalf of its beneficial attitude towards the gaming world. Of course, there are plenty of safe and respectable gambling sites licensed in Curacao. Bringing outline its evidence of safety, they establish casinos located in Curacao which should build their own reputations due to the license reliability and high-status of guideline.

So, concerning again the benefits of Curacao license, if at some point, you want to obtain its gaming license, you should be well aware of its major benefits and considerable endorsement factors.

Advantages of company formation in Cyprus

We all have probably heard an old cliché saying “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.  So if you are looking for new opportunities, it’s time to build your “door”. But first you need to make sure you are building it in the right place. Prospectacy is here to assist you in finding it.

The country, in which you decide to establish your company, with all its systems can be your key to success.  Therefore, if you consider Cyprus an ideal place for your company, it’d be useful to learn about Cyprus company formation and all the advantages it has over other countries.     Now, let’s not bit around the bush and get to the point. Cyprus is truly a perfect place for company formation. We will try to present you some of the significant privileges your company may have here.

Cyprus ensures accessible and convenient process of company registration. Unlike Cyprus, some countries require tiresome and sometimes even unnecessary paperwork for registering your company. It offers transparency of the taxation system, which often turns out to play a decisive role for a foreign entrepreneur. Another great offer by Cyprus for foreign investors is a highly favorable tax system. Local taxation system provides a number of benefits for wealthy foreigners. So, all received dividends, interest and royalties are not taxed. In this respect, Cyprus is considered to be the most profitable country in the whole EU. The island uses the lowest in Europe rate of VAT and corporate tax. A company may also be exempt from VAT if it provides its services and goods to non-residents of Cyprus. Its tax rate at 12.5% is one of the lowest in the European Union. All of the above makes the island an ideal place for tax planning, which is actively used by many global holdings and companies.

Another advantage is that, the country has signed a series of treaties on avoidance of double taxation with the majority of developed countries. The existence of such agreements gives international companies the right to pay the necessary taxes and fees in only one country.   Apart from this Cyprus provides the most comfortable conditions for running business. The island has a well-developed outsourcing in financial sector. You can hire both local professional and citizens of other countries, depending on the specifications of your business. If necessary, the process of opening a bank account can be carried out online as well. In Cyprus you’ll be given the opportunity to repatriate your capital to any country in the world, regardless of currency. You can also run your company anonymously using only nominee shareholders.

With all these factors you can be sure that forming a company in Cyprus won’t be just a waste of your time, money and efforts.  It will be an investment that will ensure welfare of you and your family.