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Why Creating a Company in Cyprus is the Right Move for Your Business and Professional Career

There’s no time like the present to make the right choice to move overseas that will benefit not just your professional career, but also your business interest. Have you considered Cyprus as the destination where both aspects could reach its equilibrium? In terms of business, Cyprus appeals to entrepreneurs and businesses that wish to expand their territories in the Mediterranean. It is said to have growing Human Development Index and enjoys it prosperity owing to its diversified economy. Investors in shipping, tourism, and real estate will find that these sectors are the main contributors to its Gross Domestic Product.


The economy of Cyprus is said to be a high – income economy with very high. Cyprus enjoys a prosperous and a diversified economy. Key contributors to the (GDP) of Cyprus are the Shipping industry, the Tourism sector, Property Rental market, and the service sector. In the near future, Cyprus will also look positive for natural gas and oil, after its recent discovery in Aphrodite. If your sights are set on Cyprus as an investment, consider the following as a guide.


As the government supports infrastructure development in the country, you can venture into owning a construction company. Cyprus company formation in tourism can be beneficial as the industry is seen as making great strides in the economy. If you are investing in tourism, you will be able to benefit of the local and international labour force available in the country. If you are an international hotel chain owner or a simple boutique hotel, you can expand within the country of sunny climes all year through.


The economy that’s facing rapid development often need office space rentals, conference and events space, parking lots, and if you have the capital required to build a complex to house these facilities centrally, you are able to recover your capital in a few years. A majority of the universities in Cyprus are taught in English, making it attractive to international students. Education services will be a lucrative field to invest in with other complementary services like admissions and accommodation. Apart from this, investors can thrive on the opportunities available in service and in the field of transport.

There are plenty of opportunities for investors who are looking to advance their professional and business status in diverse areas of shipping, tourism, real estate, telecommunication, and education in Cyrus. The three continents that surround Cyprus, Asia, Africa, and Europe influence with culture, and so far is the third most populated islands in the Mediterranean.

Prospectacy Business Services Team

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