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How to optimize your taxes


Are you in search for ways to address the tax issues? There are reasons why Cyprus citizenship by investment can change your life. One of it is about optimizing your tax. Those who are looking for opportunities to optimize their tax can be attracted to the Cyprus’ law tax rates and there is also the possibility to restructure business and the optimization for tax.

Cyprus tax advantages in your business

Tax planning in Cyprus can reduce or fully eliminate your tax liabilities that are associated to some international activities. A structured Cyprus entity in a tax plan could:

  • Reduce your taxation within the country in which your incomes came from.
  • Reduce the amount from receiving money that were earned outside of the country.
  • Reduce the taxation for ultimate shareholder in the structure of tax planning.
  • Reduce the tax for international business activities, thus increases the return of investment.

Tips on how to optimize your tax and help your business save money

Shift of income for the following year

Paying the taxes on income that you have received throughout the year is your responsibility. When the end of the year came, you can push some client and customer bills to the following year, that can give them a larger period and ensure that you will pay if that income will come to your company.

Charitable contributions

You can gain tax advantages if you donate to some charitable institutions. Donations can help to reduce your tax expenses. Aside from reducing your tax, you can also have a warm feeling that you do something for the other who are in need of help.

Invest equipment

If you will need additional equipment like office furniture, machines and computers, then you have to buy these before the end of the year comes. You can benefit from its depreciation that can lower your income tax.

Organization of expenses

Organizing all your business expenses during the whole year can help you by deducting them when the end of the year comes. Sometimes, small business didn’t keep track their expenses, so they are not deducting it. Make sure to keep of your business expenses and separate them from your personal expenses, because it can be a big help for your tax.

Working with tax laws’ Professional

Sometimes, tax law tends to change, and being updated to those changes is very important for you to comply with the law. The best way of keeping the right track with tax laws, is to work with some professional tax adviser.

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