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Corporate Taxation Services

Optimizing one’s tax position and exposure is a universal business goal. However, this can be quite challenging because tax laws are always changing. You can trust Prospectacy to exploit every legal opportunity whilst remaining in full compliance with these ever-shifting regulations, providing you with a truly optimized tax structure.

Tax Planning

We advise our clients on all the areas/jurisdictions where tax could possibly be levied and the potential consequences of each, and customize each client’s tax strategy to address the twin objectives of asset preservation and tax mitigation.

Tax Training

Prospectacy can customize tax training to fill skills gaps (for example, in local taxation, international taxation or both) or to help your staff prepare for professional examinations. We make sure our materials and our delivery are comprehensive and easy-to-understand – just like our consulting services.

Tax Structure Creation and Reorganization

Companies need to be dynamic to remain profitable. Prospectacy can assist you in setting up or merging legal entities, incorporating in jurisdictions which offer favourable DTAs, and planning your exit strategy (e.g. tax-free disposal of shares/investments). Underpinning all Prospectacy services is the assurance of the confidentiality of your UBOs.

International Taxation

Prospectacy’s seasoned tax advisors provide practical, proactive tax planning for companies operating in foreign countries, allowing you to better understand and comply with foreign tax filing and payment requirements.

Local Taxation

Staying on top of local tax laws can be very time consuming. Prospectacy can continuously monitor all the tax rules that apply to you, so that we can keep you and your business protected.

Transfer Pricing Studies

Prospectacy can analyse your pricing methodology, benchmark it against widely accepted standards, (such as those of the OECD), and report the results back to you. A well-informed decision is usually a better decision!