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    Prospectacy provides personal and corporate financial services which help you make the most of the ever-shifting world economy.
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    Prospectacy integrates broad business acumen, industry specific knowledge, specialized experience, and a truly innovative approach to both personal and corporate finances, legal assistance and residency issues.
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    At Prospectacy, we help our clients become more efficient and competitive in business, whilst moving them closer to achieving all of their personal goals. We have a wide range of services, which primarily appeal to three main types of clients
Why us
Your legal,
corporate and financial future
With the sheer number of financial and legal institutions clamouring for your business today, any reasonable person would ask what makes Prospectacy the clear choice to ensure your legal, corporate and financial future.
There are four real reasons Prospectacy is the clear choice for you:


Prospectacy is a small, nimble firm. Our goal is to fill gaps between limited local providers and expensive global giants. After years working for industry leaders, we’ve brought the best of the big firms and left the bureaucracy behind. In short, we can help your organisation punch well above its weight.


At Prospectacy, your business is held in strictest confidence. Our advisers are bound by high standards of ethical conduct, regulated by the world’s largest professional bodies. We operate with discretion, using internal controls to safeguard client identities and sensitive information. Your (and your company’s) data is your very lifeblood. Don’t trust it to an organisation without an impeccable track record!


Our very first task is to get to know our clients, their business, and all of their legal and financial concerns. Whether you are seeking our help as a private individual a sole trader, small business or a director of a huge corporation, you will have your own unique goals, challenges and definitions of success. We pride ourselves on being able to identify your needs, and devise truly innovative ways to meet them.


Just like our clients, our people come from all over the world, and bring with them a deep understanding of the legal and financial realities in different jurisdictions. Furthermore, we conduct business in the same language as our clients: Greek, English, Russian, Hebrew, Armenian, Bulgarian, Persian and Latvian. Not only do we understand your business, we understand your business culture.
Our Services & Special Fields
We boast a deep technical understanding of the industry which allows us to protect what is yours.
Your wealth should work for you, and not the other way around.

Our experienced team will provide bespoke relocation process that meets any kind of business needs.

Cyprus company
Cyprus is one of the those countries where thousands of businessmen invest their money because of this better tax planning.
Business services
Business Relocation Services to Cyprus
Regardless of whether the decision to relocate your business is made for economic or socio-political reasons, Prospectacy can serve your business needs with all required services. Through relocation services, our clients have the opportunity to take a quick and agile approach for accessing all benefits that can be obtained by relocating to Cyprus.

Cyprus offers the lowest corporate income taxes in the EU; the exemption for dividend participation from tax on profits; and the no withholding tax or the no succession taxes. This makes Cyprus one of the most ideal destinations for business relocation.
Cyprus Company Formation
There are many factors that we should look for before establishing a company in any of the countries in the world. Better tax planning is one of those factors and it affects the companies to a greater extent.

Our services include many specifications and details for company formations that begin and are registered in Cyprus. We at Prospectacy Ltd can help you with the national laws and restrictions, so that you can get your company off-the-ground and running, in a short amount of time…
Corporate services
Prospectacy works with corporate entities of all kinds and sizes, from large global brands to small but growing entrepreneurs, and even venture capital organisations. We are true experts in the field of doing business globally, and would love to be your corporate legal and business services partner.
Financial Reporting Services
With Prospectacy on board, you can offload any or all of your accounting functions to your “virtual accounting department.” Customized financial dashboards enable you to constantly monitor and benchmark your performance, so you always know where you stand.
Ledgers and internal reporting that accurately reflect your financial picture facilitate sound decision making. Assurance by a respected accounting firm gives stakeholders the confidence they need to support you and to back your leadership.
Corporate Taxation Services
Optimizing ones tax stance and exposure is a universal business goal, but one that remains challenging because tax laws are always changing. You can trust Prospectacy to exploit every legal opportunity whilst remaining in full compliance with these ever-shifting regulations, providing you with a truly optimized tax structure.
Legal Services
Prospectacy’s international corporate law services are available to all of our clients, whether larger multi-national corporations or one-man start-ups.

We boast not just specific sector specialists on our legal team, but lawyers and legal professionals that make it their business to understand all the intricacies of corporate law in markets all over the world, and how those often incompatible markets and jurisdictions interact.
Individual services
Prospectacy Individual Services
Prospectacy provides a wide range of services for individuals which are designed to reduce the burdens on your time and give you absolute peace of mind that your financial and legal affairs are being handled both professionally, and in complete confidence.
Our services for private individuals include wealth, property and taxation management as well as transaction services and help in relocating or changing your jurisdiction of official residence.

Prospectacy puts not only our highly trained professional staff at your disposal, but also the extensive worldwide network of partners and contacts that we have developed over the years. In the end, we allow you to focus your energies more efficiently, knowing that your personal financial concerns are in good hands.
Acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship by Investment
The Government of Cyprus is extremely interested in bringing overseas investment into the country and has set up several pathways and incentives to encourage investors to obtain residence or citizenship in the country.
Personal Taxation
Our tax-planning services are designed to help you meet your personal financial objectives and enjoy the lowest possible tax burden.
Wealth Management
Your wealth should work for you, and not the other way around! So when it comes to unlocking the real potential of your wealth, you need more than just a financial advisor. Prospectacy brings together internationally recognized experts in tax, insurance, and estate planning to help you increase your financial strength, and truly enjoy the benefits of what you’ve earned.
Trust, Inheritance Planning and Family Office Services
Some of the most complicated laws and regulations in the world go into controlling the formation of trusts and estate management structures. What is completely legal and accepted in one jurisdiction may be frowned upon or even illegal in many others. Exercising your rights in this trusts and other structures in an international context becomes even more complicated.
Transaction Services
Prospectacy offers a variety of transaction services to individuals, all oriented to ensure you the least possible expence and greatest benefit for your purchase or exchange. Our dedicated financial experts put the entirety of their operational and commercial insight at your disposal, not to mention the professional and business relationships we have amassed over the years.
Property Management
One of the greatest barriers to building a large investment portfolio is the sheer amount of attention and effort required for getting the most from each property! Prospectacy offers something many firms in our position don’t: detailed, hands-on property management services.
iGaming services
E-Commerce and iGaming
Prospectacy’s business and legal experts specialize in supporting e-commerce and interactive gaming ventures of all sizes in markets all over the world. We can help with both your day to day operations and your bottom line.

Merchant account set-up, secure payment support and easy access to e-wallet services are key to the success of any e-commerce operation. However, it takes more than that! Prospectacy can help your organisation license particular properties or even formally relocate into particularly profitable jurisdictions. We also can help you resolve your own IP issues, and both secure and protect the most desirable website domains. We know what your business needs to maximise its profits in this extremely competitive industry. We can also offer business and international banking support, including continuous monitoring, compliance and cash-flow protection services.
Curacao Gaming License
Curacao is an island country in the southern Caribbean Sea and forming part of the Dutch Caribbean region. These are also called Lesser Antilles in Caribbees since it is a group of islands. Curacao is about 444 square kilometers in area and is situated 65 kilometers north of the coast of Venezuela. Administratively, it is currently a constituent country within the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Since 1996 Curacao has been offering iGaming licenses making the country on of the first jurisdictions to regulate online gambling. Online gambling is one of the prominent lines of business in Curacao. In order to become a legitimate iGaming operator, the company must first obtain E-Zone status and apply for the license from the government. A widely practiced option is to apply for IP Agreement, also known as sub-license from one of the existing license holders. The Curacao gaming license was first introduced in 1996 when the island was still part of the Netherland Antilles. That makes Curacao one of the oldest and most recognizable jurisdictions in the world issuing gaming licenses and regulating iGaming businesses.
Cyprus Gaming License
Online gambling has reached epic proportions around the globe and many people want to jump in and invest in such a venture. Though legalized gambling centers are fairly new to Cyprus, they are also quite duly restricted. That is not to say that it is impossible or even very difficult for one to obtain a Cyprus gaming license. You must know however about the rules and subtleties of owning a gambling institution, and comply with all of them.

One of the main reasons as to why some people are considering opening up a gambling casino in Cyprus is that it has competitive tax rates. Let’s face it, tax rates take up a considerable amount of time and frustration to taxpayers. As with any other kind of business, profit is the desired outcome, and to make a bigger profit, the taxes can’t stifle the profit margin.
Malta Gaming License
The Republic of Malta comprises of island archipelago in the central Mediterranean Sea. Only two of those islands, Malta and Gozo are permanently inhabited. The main languages spoken on the islands are English and Maltese. The country is a member of the European Union, making accession to the block on 1st of May 2004. Malta has adopted Euro but islands’ original currency was Maltese Lira.

Since becoming a member of the European Union it was necessary for Malta to find its competitive niche for conducting businesses among the international community. iGaming business was identified as sector having solid growth potential. Due to remote nature of interactive gambling, flexible regulatory framework and attractive tax regime bear more importance than exact location of operations. This was one of the main reasons of Malta being selected for setting up headquarters and obtaining online gaming license in Malta by many leading gambling companies. This lead to Malta becoming home for lots of people from EU and beyond, getting transferred to the island as part of gaming operators’ staff. That brought Malta a truly global, multi-lingual workforce. Which created additional attraction for more gambling firms to set up offices in Malta due to presence of multi-lingual customer support to be hired for serving international customers.
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A clearing house is a financial institution formed to facilitate the exchange of payments, securities, or derivatives transactions.
Cyprus Bar Association, the Disciplinary Board and the Legal Council, constitute the bodies regulating the legal profession in Cyprus.