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The impact of the foreign investor on the Limassol companies

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with risk and uncertainty. No matter how much many people try to deny it or transform it, change and entrepreneurship do not go together with “confidence”. The business man is the one who seeks change and invests in his country and abroad. It exploits and invests in new products, new services, new production methods and processes, new distribution methods and new markets.

Limassol Entrepreneurship

A decade marked by the development of the local economy and entrepreneurship in Limassol is characterized by the decade we are going through, as the city of Limassol has experienced an unprecedented growth in recent years. Limassol has all the quality features to become the business star of the eastern Mediterranean, a city that attracts foreign investment and with slow and steady steps is established as the headquarters of global multinational companies.

FDI is a key driver of economic growth and fortunately, Limassol has managed to attract significant investment in recent years. Of particular interest are world technology giants who choose the Cypriot city to install large data centers and international innovation centers, in which after a few years will work many young Cypriots with high qualifications. The leading role that foreign companies will play in the coming years in the development of the economy will dramatically increase demand with a positive impact on the country.

Trends, challenges, opportunities

After all, why do investors choose Limassol for large-scale projects? How can the city be made even more attractive? Answers will be given by four key people who will participate in a roundtable discussion at the 2nd Limassol Business and Investment Summit presented by Prospectacy Ltd and will be held on June 3, 2022. The panel will include Max Portelli, CFO of BrainRocket and a member of Techisland, Petr Valov, CEO of Exness and member of Techisland, Kevin Sweet, Vice President of Finance / Property CFO of Melco Cyprus and Oren Plotkin, Managing Partner of Emerland Real Estate by Gilad Shabtai.

The conference will also attempt to map the future of retail in Limassol. The main trends, challenges and opportunities faced by retailers will be in focus. Significant impetus is also recorded in the shipping sector where the potential for growth is huge.

Education, industry and medical care will be under the microscope in an effort to find solutions to the problems encountered in these industries.

A discussion will also be held regarding real estate. After all, a big challenge is to balance between attracting high-standard international buyers and offering affordable housing to locals. The speakers of the Conference will present in general the positive effects of the presence of foreign investors in the city and the ways in which the top investment destination is called to adapt to the requirements of the international market.

Who cares

The Conference to be held at the Parklane Resort & Spa, in Limassol, is considered one of the most important of this year and is expected to attract the business elite of the city. It is addressed to owners, CEOs and other senior executives from companies operating in Limassol, as well as to government officials, diplomats, politicians, the local administration and the media.

Take part and be informed by the people in the decision-making centers about the main strategic goals, the future development and the prospects of Limassol. The Conference will allow participants to understand how any expansion of their work in the city will positively affect the course of their business. Like last year, this year the top business event will be an excellent opportunity to network and discuss with other delegates.

Admission is free, with the registration required.